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Let’s go to Disney and get drunk

My mom said I can’t go 😒


# It absolutely IS about race!


I just posted this on twitter but I’m gonna say it here too because I’m not limited to 140 characters but college me is so much cooler than high school me like everything about me is better now that I’m in college. I don’t get nervous talking in front of people anymore and I have so much more self…

Congrats !!!!

Upon second look

Sorry bout that …. I didn’t like how it looked … Not till I’m bigger !!!



been reading up a combination of some stuff my trainer sent me and some independent reading for verification purposes… 

mostly im confused about the suggested protein intake when exercising. at the rates suggested id have to eat vast quantitys of meat or lentils or the like to hit these numbers due to my current weight. 

anybody take these things particularly seriously and have any insight?

Two grams per pound of body weight ??? It can’t all come from solid food … That’s where supplements come in you want to get as much from clean solid foods but you need supplementation to make up the difference

taking super cheap commissions over here so get em while they’re hot. i’ll draw pretty much anything up to and including gore, mild fetish art, furries, nsfw, yaoi and whatever i can make a buck for. only exceptions are pregnancy related stuff/anything that’s fucked up and illegal. have u ever…

I am pretty sure this chick worked with me at one point … I even saved the video when I found it but I couldn’t confirm it !


Sorry for being so inactive! Hi!